Why this blog


Inspiration and information is my goal. Here’s the fortified city of Carcassonne in the south of France which you can read about by clicking on the contrasting type. Launch an exploration by boat on the Canal du Midi from here or immerse yourself in the Middle Ages.

This blog gives the back-story of my decades of traveling to produce The News-Herald’s travel section.  Entries will link to those stories for readers having  trouble searching the newspaper’s website. Find stories from the past and come along on this new chapter of travel as I continue working for the paper part time and begin accepting other assignments.  I’ll check messages often to note requests and will try to cross reference so the stories are easy to find.

Happy trails,

Janet Podolak

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  1. Margie Meehan O"Connor says:

    Whether I’m planning a trip or dreaming of one, your blog is inspiring. Especially unusual places and unusual phenomena. For example this one about surfing in Munich. Oddly, as I grow older I become fascinated by daring physical activites–I’m not likely to DO all of them, but love to read about or witness them and at least imagine myself doing them. This blog seems easy to navigate, which I am ever grateful for;