Watch Olympic hockey in country where sport began

Men get most of the attention in Olympic hockey play but the Canadian women’s team plays at 10:30 a.m. Monday and at the same time Tuesday they’ll play the American women hockey team.

The men’s Olympic competition is at noon every day starting Thursday.

If you’re a hockey fan you might want to consider taking in the Olympic hockey competition in Toronto , in the country where the sport began. Its downtown sports bar are going all out with the televised Olympic games.

There’s also a 30 foot high screen on the huge Maple Leaf Square in front of Air Canada Centre, home ice of the Maple Leafs. Inside the adjacent Real Sports Bar & Grill – name best North American Sports Bar by ESPN – is another giant screen along with 199 others for watching. the play.  Read all about it in Sunday’s Travel here.

Le Germain Hotel overlooks Maple Leaf Square and you can watch the huge screen from your room. Or retreat to the comfortable lobby bar for another vantage point.  Check out at The News-Herald.

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