South of France coming Sunday

Lounging with a newspaper is a Sunday morning pasttime in the south of France, where this was shot at the Domaine des Clos. 8n

Discovering why wine tastes how it does in the south of France and Columbus Ohio as a great art venue are some of the things you’ll read about on Sunday, when the July Travel section arrives with your morning paper. In keeping with the News-Herald’s digital first mantra, those who view it online at not only will get to see it on Saturday but will gets lots more content, such as an interactive map.

Salmon wrapped in kale with a side of carrots and olives.


Roman buildings more than 2,000 years old are backdrops in the small city of Nimes.
Ann Collard shows a bank of soil that contains seashells from the long ago times that her vineyard was at the bottom of today’s Mediterranean Sea.

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