New Zealand and Worlds’ End

Soak in New Zealand’s hot springs, experience whimsical elegance aboard Disney’s new Fantasy, sail  to meet the world’s end among the Maya of Mexico, explore the Mayan influence of Playa del Carmen, and traipse among the tulips in Holland. Our May 13 travel section has been a labor of love designed to fuel dreams or start you off on the planning for your own adventures in this great big wonderful world. I’ve enjoyed putting it all together and now am embarked on a section for June, which will introduce you to some great golfing getaways. If you didn’t see Sunday’s paper live and in person you can view the stories online. Find them and comment, either here or on the stories themselves, to let me know what you liked and how we can do better.

Kiwi Kronicles: Coromandel Peninsula, on New Zealand’s North Island, makes an ideal base for explorations

Celebrate world’s end in Mayan Mexico


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